Total coordination of the production system to Shizuoka Yamazaki Denki Sangyo Co., Ltd. is.
Yamazaki Denki Sangyo Co., Ltd. is a trading company specializing in System Development Department, as well as sales of FA equipment and non-ferrous metals with the Control Board and FA control system design and software development.

Environmental policy / privacy policy


Mission possible enhance information to perform actions with environmental sound will sound a humans life is based on the recognition,

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As a rallying cry in the overall corporate activities strive to reduce the environmental impact of environmental management activities, aimed at the coexistence of a rich social life.


Company has a base in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Fukuroi-city, Shizuoka-Shi and Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture, in the rich nature of the sea, the mountains, tohaku main business developed business activities and sale of electronic control equipment, semiconductor, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and non-ferrous metals and industrial equipment control equipment design and manufacture.
Aware of these things, the following environmental policy.

1. Recognizing the environmental impacts associated with our business activities, continuously improve the environmental management system promotes the prevention of environmental pollution and establishes environmental objectives and targets.

2. And other environment-related laws and regulations and the company has agreed to comply with the requirements, as well as sets voluntary standards and the maintenance.

3. Keep continuously improve both business development and global environmental impact is the best bet and captures the following information focuses on conducting environmental management activities. Also, these are reviewed regularly to.
(1) in the market for an appropriate inventory management.
(2) operating activities work environment activities of the Ministry of energy and resources.
(3) through quality improvement work in environmental activities.

4. Environmental policy to understand all people seeking to enhance environmental education, our work and all work on the participation.

5. Tackle regional environmental protection due to a campaign to beautify the area.

-To disclose our environmental policy internally and externally-

Established 8/25/2005
Revision 4/1/2011
Representative Director Yamasaki fumiyoshi

 Hamamatsu City new energy-saving and energy-saving measures leading

Once again, the Yamazaki Denki Sangyo Co., Ltd. Hamamatsu City new energy-saving and energy-saving measures leading accredited.
This system is a system to qualify as a top employer businesses tackle the Hamamatsu City initiative to reduce the amount of energy used.
We received ISO 14001 certification in 2005, and later lead to the reduction of environmental load as promoted the introduction of switching to LED lighting and solar photovoltaic systems.
And promoting proposal-based sales promoting LED lighting, solar power, Ministry of electric power system and other sales promotion as a trading company to spread to our clients.
Aiming to continue this effort to spread both inside and outside the trust from the customers and will continue to pursue every day.






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