Total coordination of the production system to Shizuoka Yamazaki Denki Sangyo Co., Ltd. is.
Yamazaki Denki Sangyo Co., Ltd. is a trading company specializing in System Development Department, as well as sales of FA equipment and non-ferrous metals with the Control Board and FA control system design and software development.

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2021年1月21日 : Upcoming Recruitment Events
Web video of "Hamamatsu Job Hunting Preparation Web Festa" sponsored by Hamamatsu City is being distributed
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"JOB Kuma" Details Page

◎Future recruitment events will be participated (subject to change in the situation of the new Corona)

★ mid-career recruitment
Saturday, January 30, 2021
Shino-no-Kanzume Fair in Hamamatsu
(Yentes Hall)
Details page of "Shino-no-Kanzume"


 新卒のかんづめ2022 就活準備セミナー 浜松会場
"New Graduate Kanzume" Details Page

 静岡県主催 オンライン交流会「縁」


 中部大学 WEB業界研究会(ZOOM)
 *開催は2月1日~5日 弊社は2月3日の第5部のみ参加

 7大学主催合同企業セミナー(アクトシティ浜松 展示イベントホール)
 *開催は2月16日・17日 弊社は2月17日の第1部のみ参加

2020October 15, 2010 : Adoption information
2021Update the information for new graduate recruitment in 2009.

We continue to hold our own company briefings using the WEB (ZOOM).

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To Careers

2020年6月8日 : Toyohashi Sales Office moved.
2020The Toyohashi office was relocated on June 8, 2009.
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2020May 1, 2008 : Initiation ceremony and new employee training
2020On March 23, we joined the company and held training for newcomers.
For more informationHere
2020On February 3rd. : 2020In new year meeting
2020On January 11, the New Year's General Meeting and Social Gathering were held.