Total coordination of the production system to Shizuoka Yamazaki Denki Sangyo Co., Ltd. is.
Yamazaki Denki Sangyo Co., Ltd. is a trading company specializing in System Development Department, as well as sales of FA equipment and non-ferrous metals with the Control Board and FA control system design and software development.

Employee travel in Gifu 2017

Employee travel in Gifu

2017March 11 at night 2, 11 and 12,
I went to Gifu.

Kokei and eihoji Temple → ENA Gorge Walk-> Gero Hot Springs → Hamamatsu

Gero Hot Springs → Hamamatsu County on Hachiman walk → Monteur minokamo plant

Eihoji Temple, beautiful fall foliage.
Also, being the wedding
Came across a very auspicious.

There were people aboard the boat, ate lunch at: ENA Gorge.
Also here is awesome.
But people are asleep after a meal is very helpful!.

Gero Onsen gassho-style village, also stayed at the hotel.
At the dinner banquet employees interact with each other.

Banquet scene

County around the county on Hachiman Castle, in gujo Hachiman, buy souvenirs,
Go to sample and experience around freely.

I went to the factory uses the minokamo City Suites.
They visited, making cream puffs and eclairs.
However, men visit more machines using any manufacturer....
Is a work habit (laughs). Different places to see.
Had a fun time, and sampling and direct sales.

Oh that was 2 days.
When will the next time?